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Our Story

We're a family restaurant started by multiple generations with years of extensive experience in some of the best restaurants in the world. Jessica Cahill was born in Florence, Italy but also grew up on her family's vineyard in Calistoga, California. She became a Certified Sommelier in 2014 and worked in the restaurant industry for many years but progressed to doing sales and marketing for wineries culminating as district manager for national prominent wine importer Kobrand. 

Irina Colburn is why we all relocated to Southern Oregon. Irina has been in the area since 2010 working at multiple wineries and restaurants in the valley. She has extensive wine knowledge and management experience and runs the floor of the restaurant ensuring an amazing guest experience every time.

Our Values 

We believe in living a clean, natural and organic lifestyle mirroring that of the old world, where people eat only local foods. Most of our ingredients are certified organic and we source from local farmers to promote sustainability. We want to showcase how fertile the Southern Oregon valley is and the amazing bounty available from local farmers.

We're excited to share our wine and food knowledge with Southern Oregon. We want to educate anyone willing to learn on wines of the world as well as how they compare to local wines. We will strive to constantly create new menu items and wine pairings.


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